Splash Bleach Neutralizer & Surface Protectant


Splash is an all in one neutralizer, protectant, and wax that will help neutralize the effects of bleach on equipment after cleaning while providing a finish shine on surfaces. Special additives help breakdown chlorine on surfaces and equipment, helping prolong their life and inhibitors will protect metals after use. Will also help prevent spotting on glass and vinyl when used properly. Helps improve customer and operator satisfaction


• One step chlorine neutralizer, protectant, and wax.
• Helps breakdown chlorine in and on equipment.
• Prolongs the life of metals, applicators, and equipment.
• Surfaces will shine after use.
• Great for use on exteriors and equipment.
• Contains citrus oils that help mask bleach odors.
• Environmentally Safe & Biodegradable.

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4 Gallon Case, 5 Gallon Plastic Pail


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