Oven & Grill Cleaner


What is OGC II?
A liquid commercial strength oven & grill cleaner that eliminates the
need for heavy scrubbing or scraping. This cleaner works quickly to
remove tough grease & carbon deposits. O.G.C. II will fight through
the toughest layers of build up to restore any oven or grill to its original
shine and performance level.

• Specially formulated for deep penetration of carbonized grease, oil, and soot.
• Clings longer than leading hood cleaners.
• Product does most of the cleaning with little scrubbing required.
• High foaming and economical allowing for multiple concentrations and applications.
• Approved for use in USDA areas.
• Contains sequestering & chelating agents to prevent scale build up on coils when used on a regular basis.

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