Novel Pot & Pan – Premium Manual Dish Soap


A premium pot & pan detergent for manual applications. A mild, low pH detergent that is easy on hands. Leaves them silky and smooth. Premium concentrate that may be used on all types of oils and surfaces. This free rinsing formula whisks away with a minimum of water spotting. The high sudsing surfactants produces long lasting, billowing suds that cut through the toughest greases.

• Produces a robust foam.
• Highly viscous product.
• Built for use in hard water applications.
• Removes heavy greases and oils from dish surfaces.
• Contains lotions to prevent hands from drying out.
• Pleasant apple orchard scent.
• Offers high use yields.


7 – 8

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4 Gallon Case, 5 Gallon Plastic Pail


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