Novel HD – Automated Dish Detergent


Key Feature: Concentrated Rinse Aid

A premium ware washing detergent designed for automatic dish washing machines. Premium Plus has been formulated with a combination of polymers, chelants and alkalis. This amazing liquid is tough on food soils while quickly rinsing from all surfaces. It has also been formulated to attack food grease and oils. While being tough on soils, it will perform in the toughest water conditions.

• Contains a special blend of polymers, chelants and alkalis.
• Prevents soil redepostion.
• Built for use in hard water applications.
• Designed for use in systems that require heavy duty detergents.
• Removes heavy greases and oils from dish surfaces.
• Hard water formula will decrease scale build up in machine.
• Offers high use yields.

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Available Packages

4 Gallon Case, 5 Gallon Plastic Pail


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