EPC – High Foaming Eco Friendly Cleaner


The eco wash is a revolutionary new cleaning process that uses new patented foaming technology to improve the cleaning process as well as decrease the levels of chemical required to do the same job. Each of these products have the foam building system built into them allowing for a much longer dwell time and improved effectiveness. Surfaces stay wet longer allowing the chemicals to do more work with less product. Every ingredient formulated into these products is designed to be environmentally and user safe.

• Environmentally formulated to meet all “green” standards.
• Contains special penetrating agents for the removal of heavy soils.
• Removes grease, heavy soils, dirt, ink and all stubborn stains.
• Can handle the toughest cleaning and degreasing jobs.
• Highly versatile in usage and dilutions.
• Can be applied through sprayers, by hand, or through pressure machines.


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4 Gallon Case, 5 Gallon Plastic Pail


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