Drain Magic


Key Feature: Enzyme Drain Treatment

Drain Magic is a modern environmentally designed formulation to unclog drains and prevent organic deposit build-ups without the use of caustics, acids, solvents, or any regulated hazardous ingredients. Enzyme/bacteria mixture selected for optimum eff effectiveness of dissolving and liquefying grease, fat, oil, protein, starch, cellulose. The liquefy ed organic matter can then be “eaten” by the bacteria. Enzyme Bacteria Drain Treatment temporarily coats pipes and drains with a thin film that continues to minimize deposits. (Regular use is suggested.)

• Formulated For The Food Industry.
• Naturally Lifts Grease from lines.
• Breaks Down Clogs and Buildup.
• Can Be Used To Clean Floors.
• Contains No Harsh Or Abrasive Chemicals.
• All Natural.

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